Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Interviews this week.

Hey out there.

I'm a bad blogger. I don't take enough time to keep this updated. But I plan on correcting that in the near future.

So, for now, I'll just give you all out there a quick update on some of the different things I've been up to on the show of late.

This past week I was proud to present interviews with two great bands. The first should need little to no introduction to fans of psychobilly music. Vic Victor of The Koffin Kats was our guest on the first hour of Psycho Radio this week. You can check out the interview in the first hour of the show here.

At the beginning of the second hour of the show, Frank from the upcoming Montreal psychobilly band Matchless was on the show, talking about the future of this fairly new band. They first gained some attention in the Canadian psychobilly scene due to the addition of Flipper of the legendary Montreal band Gutter Demons to their band on bass. Now, with a full length album fresh off the presses and their own sound becoming established, Matchless seem to be a band to watch. Check out the second hour of this week's show here.

More posts will come soon. New interviews will be forthcoming with some great Canadian bands and some new features on the show will highlight other great up and coming and established bands that are making the Canadian scene one to watch.

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