Monday, August 30, 2010

Goodbye internet! Hello FM!

CIVL Radio will be launching on 101.7 FM in Abbotsford in the very near future (no later than September 7th). Which means that this week's episode may have been our last internet-exclusive episode. With that in mind, I decided to make this week's show a very special one. This week's show is dedicated to (and filled with) all of the dirty songs that the CRTC doesn't want us to play on the FM airwaves. If you like your psychobilly dirty and explicit (and really, who doesn't?) then check out this week's special "goodbye to the internet" episode.

Hour 1

Hour 2

Over the next two weeks, look for a special 4-hour "History of Psychobilly" show to kick off our FM launch and get all the folks out there ready to understand what will be blaring out of the radio on Monday mornings and evenings from 8-10 every week.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Return of the Grease 'n Grind

I promised in my first ever blog post, The end of an era, that I would do a tribute to the Monthly Grease 'n Grind shows at Pat's Pub. Well, as we all know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions and a tribute episode dedicated to these hybrid car/rockabilly/psychobilly/garage rock shows was something that I meant to do but put off time and again until the idea fell behind the fridge within my mind. Until recently, when the prospect of the first Grease 'n Grind in 6 months reared its loud head and roared in my ear, shoving the fridge aside and breathing new life into the idea of a tribute show.

This week's episode is a two hour special all about these great events that have provided me with so much, both for my radio show and in my personal life, that I can safely say that my life has been changed forever due to the virtue of their existence.

So, it is with great pleasure that I can announce that this week's show is now online. Check out Psycho Radio's Grease 'n Grind special here. This is all in celebration of the fact that this upcoming Saturday night, Edmonton's Raygun Cowboys will be rocking the heck out of the bar beneath the Hotel Patricia and making the folks who live on Hastings St. wonder what all that old-timey electric racket is. Setting the stage will be Vancouver's The Zip Guns, Tsawassen's Duomatic System, and Victoria's The Stockers

You facebookers can check out the event for the show here with full details.

Myspace also has information on the event here.

Hope to see y'all there!

Oh, and in my haste to talk about Grease 'n Grinds, I forgot to mention another upcoming show on this week's episode. Victoria's Haddonfield will be playing at Bloody Betty and the Deadly Sins' "Fresh Meat Tryouts" going on Sunday night down at the Rickshaw Theatre. If you like psychobilly, semi-nude ladies and lots of blood, this should definitely be an event you won't want to miss. Once again, facebookers can get all the details here.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Album Debut for "Dig Your Own Grave" by The Grave Mistakes

After a great debut in Vancouver at Pat's Pub this past August, The Grave Mistakes have quickly become good friends to the show and one of my favorite bands. So it is with great pride that I can announce that this week's episode of Psycho Radio will be an album debut party for the band's first full-length, "Dig Your Own Grave". Recorded in Edmonton this past December and produced by Rene De La Muerte of The Brains, this album showcases why crowds throughout Western Canada have been wowed by the talents of The Grave Mistakes. The hootin' and howlin' of frontman Brad Graves' voice is only matched by the rockabilly thunder of his guitar attack. Miss Billie Kitten will steal your heart with her ability to slap an upright bass just as easily as she does with her stunning looks. Drummer Jaime Massacre is a rock-solid foundation that holds the band's great songs together while he drives them forward to pummel the audience.

Frontman/Guitarist Brad Graves was kind enough to offer his thoughts on the album in an interview with Psycho Radio recently. Excerpts of that interview can be heard interspersed between the album in its entirety during the first hour of this week's special episode of Psycho Radio.

The Grave Mistakes special on Psycho Radio can be heard here:
Grave Mistakes Special

Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Interviews this week.

Hey out there.

I'm a bad blogger. I don't take enough time to keep this updated. But I plan on correcting that in the near future.

So, for now, I'll just give you all out there a quick update on some of the different things I've been up to on the show of late.

This past week I was proud to present interviews with two great bands. The first should need little to no introduction to fans of psychobilly music. Vic Victor of The Koffin Kats was our guest on the first hour of Psycho Radio this week. You can check out the interview in the first hour of the show here.

At the beginning of the second hour of the show, Frank from the upcoming Montreal psychobilly band Matchless was on the show, talking about the future of this fairly new band. They first gained some attention in the Canadian psychobilly scene due to the addition of Flipper of the legendary Montreal band Gutter Demons to their band on bass. Now, with a full length album fresh off the presses and their own sound becoming established, Matchless seem to be a band to watch. Check out the second hour of this week's show here.

More posts will come soon. New interviews will be forthcoming with some great Canadian bands and some new features on the show will highlight other great up and coming and established bands that are making the Canadian scene one to watch.