Monday, May 3, 2010

Album Debut for "Dig Your Own Grave" by The Grave Mistakes

After a great debut in Vancouver at Pat's Pub this past August, The Grave Mistakes have quickly become good friends to the show and one of my favorite bands. So it is with great pride that I can announce that this week's episode of Psycho Radio will be an album debut party for the band's first full-length, "Dig Your Own Grave". Recorded in Edmonton this past December and produced by Rene De La Muerte of The Brains, this album showcases why crowds throughout Western Canada have been wowed by the talents of The Grave Mistakes. The hootin' and howlin' of frontman Brad Graves' voice is only matched by the rockabilly thunder of his guitar attack. Miss Billie Kitten will steal your heart with her ability to slap an upright bass just as easily as she does with her stunning looks. Drummer Jaime Massacre is a rock-solid foundation that holds the band's great songs together while he drives them forward to pummel the audience.

Frontman/Guitarist Brad Graves was kind enough to offer his thoughts on the album in an interview with Psycho Radio recently. Excerpts of that interview can be heard interspersed between the album in its entirety during the first hour of this week's special episode of Psycho Radio.

The Grave Mistakes special on Psycho Radio can be heard here:
Grave Mistakes Special

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