Monday, July 25, 2011

Subscribing to Psycho Radio: A Quick How-To

Hey there, folks! Did you know you can subscribe to Psycho Radio through iTunes, even though we're not on the iTunes store?

Go to the Psycho Radio at 101.7 CIVL FM. Right click on the podcast Icon and copy the url. If you have issues it is:

Then go into iTunes and under "Advanced", choose "Subscribe to Podcast". Then past the url into that field.

For most podcasts, that would be your final step, but because of the system that CIVL uses to create podcasts (splitting them up every hour), you should then click on the Psycho Radio box in the podcasts, and then click the settings button at the bottom. Change the "When new episodes are available" list to "Download all". Then you can set how many episodes you want to keep. A warning, though, our podcasts are a fairly good size (as they should be for you to hear music at a reasonable bitrate), so I would probably only keep a few around.

Enjoy the show! If anyone has any further questions, you're always welcome to email me.