Monday, November 23, 2009

Covered in Psycho

I love cover songs. Love em.

So, I've decided to do another covers show. My third episode, back on September 22, 2008 was an all-covers show. And to be completely honest, i bit off a bit more than i could chew with that one. I had to stretch a bit to fill two hours in those days, as my psychobilly collection was not as extensive as it is today. Which is not to say that I played songs that I don't like or feel were worthy of the show. However, upon re-examining the show, I realized that I filled the show with a lot of psychobilly bands playing old rockabilly and punk tunes and that to me is not what a covers show should be. A good cover song should take a song that everyone knows (preferably some crappy top 40 song) and turn it on its head. I've always felt that Me First and the Gimme Gimmes do it better than anyone. With that in mind, I'm working at putting together an all-covers show that you can sit your mom or dad down with and say "this is psychobilly" and they'll know at least 80% of the songs being performed.

As I like to view the show as a collaborative process with the audience, I'm putting it out there that I'd like some suggestions as to what songs anyone out there feels I should have on the show.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The end of an era

Fireball Promotions announced this past Sunday that their show this past Hallow e'en was to be their last Grease 'n Grind. This announcement caught almost all of Vancouver's rockabilly and psychobilly scene by surprise. It's taken me a few days to collect my feelings about this turn of events. I will miss these monthly shows more than I will ever be able to properly express. I have made more friends at Pat's Pub than any single place in my life. The radio show I do would not have been able to bloom into the quality program it has become without a fertile place like the Grease 'n Grinds and their consistent access to great bands, particularly great Canadian 'billy bands like The Brains, Raygun Cowboys, Gunsmoke, The Matadors, The Still Creek Brothers, Eve Hell and the Razors, The Grave Mistakes, and, of course, the man who was the last performer at a Grease 'n Grind, Bloodshot Bill.

Next week on Psycho Radio, I plan on doing a tribute to all the great bands i've met at Grease 'n Grinds, and all the great bands who performed at them before my time, such as The Koffin Kats, Zombie Ghost Train, Gutter Demons, and The Meteors.

For now, I will just once again express how grateful I am to Steve and Melinda from Fireball for everything they've done for me and the show and wish them well in all their future endeavours.

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